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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics recent years, due to the continued spread of European debt crisis cast a shadow over the global economy, people increasingly weak consumer demand, including transnational corporations, many domestic and foreign enterprises are facing production rising costs, falling profits and other operating difficulties; With innovative technology and ideas, the traditional business of multinational companies also began to shrink, to ensure the capital flow and operating space, layoffs, plant closings, the sale of non-core business and other "downsizing" operations have been become an inevitable requirement of enterprises. Adidas closed factories in China For adidas this behavior for Chinese foundries, Reporter previously reported to believe that, despite repeated denials evacuation Adidas factories in China regardless of salary and stock, however, industry analysts, Adidas withdrawing from the Chinese, in large part because China upward pressure on labor costs. At the same time, on behalf of the closure of the factory will inevitably involve Chinese workers working for the plant livelihoods, this reporter pointed out in the report, China's manufacturing industry to today, can no longer rely on cheap labor in exchange for staying competitive level, This is neither in line with China's development shows that does not meet even longer locate the manufacturing sector during the second five countries. Nike successive sell its brand Following its own factories in China shut down the only stop in Asia than sneakers foundry orders, termination of cooperation with a number of Asian cloth Cheap air jordans for sale ing foundries, the world's largest athletic footwear and apparel maker Nike to "downsizing" in the end. According to "Guangzhou Daily" reported on the 14th, the company intends to Nike's shoes and bags brand Cole Haan to $ 500 million sold to private equity firm Apax. Currently, the two sides have entered the final stages of negotiation. More insider, Apax has invited Converse (Converse) former CEO Jack? Boyce took over the business after ColeHaan. Nike re-shot sale of brand Cole Haan, which is following the earlier selling Nike Umbro another big move. October 24, Nike announced it would sell its brand Umbro to Iconix Brand Group $ 225 million. Umbro formerly British veteran football goods manufacturer Nike in 2008 was 285 million pounds (US $ 565 million) acquisition, it aims to fill the gap between the football field and Adidas. For Nike recently frequently sell its brand, the industry understood to think that the old rivals Adidas confrontation, to get more advantages. People on the 14th news that Nike aspect of the disclosure, said the sale of its brands in order to cut costs, in order to better focus on the Nike, Jordan Brand, Converse and Hurley these core brands. Parker, Nike president and CEO, said: "stripped of any business is a difficult decision, but this operation will help us to be more focused on having a high growth potential business opportunity." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative most Professional Footwear News)before we exposed the cool grey Air Jordan Low 11 PE " Cool Grey". This PE is an exclusive Jordan, with only 3 pairs of manufacturing. And now the color has a market Cheap jordans online rumor, and the exposure of clear physical pictures, it is likely to be officially sold in 2014. today Jordan 11 Cool Grey Air cool ash won a lot of fans, and the cool grey in the low version of the show is to also be your favorite? item: 338645-159 related information:Hollywood star Mark · Wahlberg Air has always been a big fan of the Jordan, often wearing Air Jordan shoes out of the street, today he seems to choose to commit phobia, text expression of what to wear good shoes out of the street. in addition to Air Jordan, he seems to like the addition of boots. 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In addition, the N logo places the shoe body soft green outline, unique. And Fingercr Cheap foamposites for sale oxx personal flag were loaded into the buckle suede lace materials, lace buckle shoes also became the crowning touch. It is reported that this New Balance x Fingercroxx MT580FXX expected to be on sale on February 22 next year, has not yet announced specific release details, like New Balance, and Hong Kong-style wave of flavor like friends do not miss. BAIT x Asics Gel-Lyte 3 "Basics Model-001 Vanquish" shoes coming 2013-12-09 00:10:03 After the first time after exposure, the latest quarterly joint shoes shoes shop BAIT California and Ascis finally officially surfaced today, the the & nbsp; "Basics Model-001 Vanquish" series includes three different versions, the first as we bring is that this element into the camouflage version. Black suede shoes with a camouflage pattern composed of nylon fabric shoe body, together with outstanding detail and gold flag, red lace eye, waxed shoelaces, such as design, in addition, in the bottom of the gold ink designed for shoes It brought a unique effect. It is reported that the shoes will be held December 14 at BAIT shops for sale, priced at $ 150, conditional friends may wish to look. adidas D Rose new color exposure 2013-12-08 23:40:39 Yesterday, adidas official release of the latest generation of personal Derrick Rose Boots - & nbsp; adidas D Rose 4, this adidas D Rose 4 with more outstanding performance, style and design more highlights inside and outside the stadium Ross unique style and charisma. In addition to yesterday released two color, and today the network has released two new color of the & nbsp; adidas D Rose 4, reported that two new color is a cheap foamposites lso starting from October 10 officially on sale, priced at 1380 yuan . visvim 2013 SKAGWAY AMDO Appreciation 2013-12-08 23:16:38 cross pattern became the season's most visvim main elements of this element will be the use of the same to the top of the new footwear. The & nbsp; visvim SKAGWAY AMDO suede leather used to create the body of the shoe, soft and comfortable, while yellow and navy blue cross pattern in two places on the body of the shoe forms of distribution, the whole exudes a strong sense of ethnic tribes. Shoes priced at $ 820, there are channels of friends can look at.9 19 to 20, with "opening and innovation driving force: enterprise transformation, life and death battle" as the theme of the 2008 China CEO annual meeting, in Beijing Hao Yuan Jianguo Hotel was held ceremoniously. Much attention from all walks of life "Chinese 2008 most innovative companies list of TOP30 also come to light. HUAWEI, Haier, Lenovo and other business giants are among them. AOKANG group with continuous innovation in branding, marketing, technology and management, such as the mode of charity in recent years, and its market effect, thus becoming the 2008 most innovative companies China TOP30 "list only a shoe enterprises. This is the AOKANG this year after the "30 years of change Chinese life brand", topped the 2008 Hu Runmin brand list ", won the Chinese industry iconic brand, has once again been recognized at the level of innovation. the selection of activities, from the largest circulation management journals "manager" magazine launched, based on rigorous research data, the selection of 100 candidat Retro jordans for sale e companies has the typical characteristics of innovation, after the network selection and review, the final decision to choose the "2008 China most. Sony TOP30". review group pointed out that these enterprises are China finalists, the spirit of enterprise innovation strongly advocate and practitioner, is a typical representative of twenty-first Century China from all walks of life outstanding enterprises, is not only the innovation of the benchmark, but also with a strong sense of social responsibility, has a good brand image and reputation in the public and business is a good corporate citizen. it is understood that the annual meeting, invited John Naisbitt ("big trend" author) and Ted Prince (founder of the Perth Leadership Institute and CEO) and other international famous master of management, with more than 300 domestic top CEO, experts, scholars, media face to face discussion, wisdom agitation the common way of torture, China economic strain, and Chinese CEO the spirit of innovation and business intelligence. (Editor: admin)Jordan brand innovation to build the Pinnacle camp again to join this growth is just fresh out of the Air Jordan 1 Low No-Swoosh. The continuation of the classic new contour design, supplemented by a silver mirror material to reshape the shoe body, finally equipped with white at the bottom end. 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Second and third tier cities in the core business district, the intensity of these brands has even reached the "Buyi shop", "Ten Steps to a shop" level. density of the number of stores and advertising just consumers the most intuitive feelings. In fact, as of the third quarter of this year, the total number of stores over 6000, with annual sales of more than 30 million domestic sports brand has expanded to five. When international brands are still Cheap foamposites for sale aimed at the middle class in big cities, domestic brands have to rely on second and third tier cities grow quietly working class. This "guerrilla" marketing strategy differentiation, directly change the competitive situation of the Chinese sports market. "professional" break through the international market The collective victory in obtaining the same time, domestic brands inside the competition heating up. Which highlights the paradox is that, compared to international brands, domestic brands from market positioning to target customers, and even marketing strategies are almost the same, homogenization and market overlap more serious. In these domestic sports brands, in addition to Li Ning, almost all from Quanzhou, Fujian Province. RTHK tide celebrity endorsements from the beginning, but now very much the same style of television commercials, naked melee "Jinjiang line" ostentatious directly led to public concerns about the outlook for this industry. The main basketball equipment, based on the market segments Pick has emerged as the number of "Jinjiang line" a dark horse. 10 years ago, Olympic, development model and compared with most of today's Jinjiang OEM business, and there is not much difference. As a typical sporting goods manufacturing enterprises, from production and sales to channel construction, Peak have not formed any advantage, when it is merely a Language Quanzhou, acting as Nike and Adidas factory of old enterprises. Since 2001, China began gradually with the international market. In the sporting goods industry veteran of many years of Xu Jing Nan realized consumption in China is about pro cheap jordans jecting the situation in China is not necessarily the best way of business development. This stage, Nike, Adidas and other international sports brands have increased promotional efforts in the Chinese market. Inspired by Xu Jing Nan began efforts to create "Olympic" brand. Most enterprises in Jinjiang until after the 2008 financial crisis, began to make a transition to its own brand. This is one interesting change is that the Olympic business clearly accompanied by management reforms. From 1997 to 2001, sales have been stagnant in the Olympic 100 million yuan or so. By this time, the market and the competitors are rapidly growing. Numerous ambitious sporting goods manufacturer, hold to become China's ambition of Nike or Adidas, who spent a lot of money, with the avalanche of advertising to promote their brands. 2001, the current CEO Xu Zhihua joined the company founded by his father made. This may be a traditional family concept Jingnan deliberately cultivate successors of a careless move. But inadvertently contributed to the big shake-Olympic internal management. In the company faced "riding a tiger" in difficult times, Xu Zhihua respected modern management system, together with his father Xu Jing Nan, promote Pick slow recovery. In keeping Pick "basketball equipment brand" positioning direction, Zhi-Hua Xu re-sort Peak sales channels, ended too old department store channels; at the same time set up a special brand and market sectors , so that the company again become aggressive. The most important is that the love of basketball Xu Zhihua draw operational experience Nike and American professional basketball air jordan 11 space jam for sale union, opened the international route of the Olympic curtain. In fact, Olympic and NBA's fate began an unexpected defeat. In 2005, due to the lost Chinese professional basketball league sponsor qualifications, Xu Zhihua instead began sponsorship in Europe and the United States Basketball League, which has become a turning point in the international market coming Pick - - before 2005, Pick only It is regarded as a basketball shoe brand in the country chipping away. Even in 2003 the signing of the domestic basketball star Liu Yudong, Zhi-Hua Xu also admitted afterwards, the effect is not obvious. Until NBA team Houston Rockets signed the United States, and "Chinese Olympic" large-scale advertising slogan when pushed to the Rockets home, Peak truly for the people familiar. In order to make NBA depth combined with the realization of its own brand, Xu Zhihua has organized NBA players to visit China, and the timely introduction of a number of major strategic decisions and product launches, to the aid of NBA star fame, quickly grabbed Media attention and core consumer groups, to stimulate interest in the core audience of the Olympic brand and products. How can we strengthen the brand associated with the NBA Pick avoid endorsement of the domestic sports market scrimmage situation occurs again it? Xu Zhihua at strengthening cooperation with the NBA at the same time, more generous, a large area to sign NBA players, in order to maximize the use of personal influence players to strengthen the NBA Pick colors, so NBA to become Olympic keywords. through effective marketing NBA and basketball fields, Olympic has made impres jordans on sale mens sive achievements in the fierce market competition. 2009, Pick annual turnover increased by 51.6%, and the successful landing HKEx, the official from the resources of the international market towards internationalization of capital. "difference" to crack double market problems Despite being well known only after the hand in NBA, but the Olympic international journey far before that. As early as 1993, "Pick" trademark on one after another in 68 countries and regions registered, it laid the foundation for the global brand plans. The concrete implementation of the strategy, Xu Zhihua are taking a "diversion", "within custody" pluralistic "differentiation" strategy. The first is the operation of the international market, though at present, either as official NBA Chinese exclusive marketing partner, or FIBA ??(International Basketball Federation Council) Asian regional strategic partnership, the Olympic international promotion go are the high road, but "ulterior motives", according to Xu Zhihua ideas, in the Olympic throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia and five continents and sales, brand management system, such developing countries in Asia, Africa concentrated market is its real depth reclamation mining center of gravity. Focusing on developed countries to promote brand awareness, promote and expand the domestic markets of developing countries; and before profit in international markets, the domestic market, especially in second and third tier cities profits, will become Olympic global branding of "blood transfusion library." Asian Marketing Xu Zhihua admirably confirms this idea. Guangzhou Asian Games, the Olympic Movement delegations with a total of six countries reached a cooperation, including the delegation of the Iraqi Olympic, Olympic delegation of Lebanon, Tajikistan Olympic Delegation, Olympic delegations and the Palestinian National Basketball Association Iran, Kyrgyzstan Country association. Consolidate the Middle East market, extended target West Asia, Central Asia, is self-evident, but its overseas marketing layout "coincide." In this regard, the chairman Jingnan admits: "Pick currently in the Middle East, West Asia and other regions of the agents expand ongoing needs of the local market is very conducive to the development of sports brands, Peak will continue to use international events resources, leveraging the development of these markets. By sponsoring international sporting events, the Olympic brand awareness overseas can be established, both driven by the potential consumer, but also can stimulate local dealer confidence. " For the domestic market, from the original" surrounding villages City ", to today's" urban battle "Pick the same two markets, two strategies. In fact, this is the same path of most domestic brands: brand development early in the face of fierce competition in first-tier cities, at the initial stage of the domestic brands can only take a detour to second and third tier cities as their main battlefield. Regardless of price or product, Jinjiang representative of the domestic sports brands have been welcomed by consumers in these regions. This strategic layout, so that domestic sports brand in the second and third tier cities first foothold. Even in the period of financial crisis decline in global consumption, but also maintained a momentum of rapid growth. But lack of first-tier cities, "voice" but also made to seek greater development of local brands into a "rainbow night" embarrassing situation, especially for seeking international development space line brand, complete public financing, capital operation after entering the competition, the urgent need to open the first-tier cities market. Xu Zhihua choose a diversification strategy to start this urban battle. September this year, the Olympic formally signed WTA (Women's Professional Network Alliance International), enter the tennis field. Xu Zhihua according to estimates, and there are at least 130 million Chinese people are interested in tennis, where five million fans regularly play tennis, but the vast majority of these people Language China's first-tier cities. This time cut tennis market, on the one hand to maintain the development of second and third tier market, but easy to expand the brand to achieve by raising the first-tier cities. differentiated brand marketing, make Olympic harvested consequent sales growth and value enhancement: Pick recently released 2011 first and second quarter, the amount of orders increased by 25 percent compared with the same period of 2010, respectively, and 24% of sales, third quarter of 2010 compared to the same period also increased by 13% last year. As Xu Zhihua said, "Not everyone is suitable for open-Benz, BMW, Olympic sports products do is to provide as Toyota did for the public." Perhaps this is basketball, "specialist" advantage.This contains white / red and white / green metal metal pairs of Air Jordan.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Jordan I (1) of the new "Do The Right Thing Pack set, now on the well-known online shopping mall eBay quietly surfaced, but the real and we had seen shoes model biggest difference, i.e. is lining. The model shoes were lined with colorful linings, while the official releases were in single tones. Two pairs of shoes are tumbled leather and leather (fur to be evenly moist, and dry for about 60 minutes, and then into the cylinder by tumbling the uniform distribution) uppers, shouted at the seller floating between $110 to 115. Of course, if you like, you can wait until July 4, 2009, when the shoes will be on sale. (text drawn from the community "battle shoes king" channel) Air Jordan I (1) suite Nike SB Zoom Classic classic version comments on last article: Air Jordan I (1) suite next article: Nike SB Zoom Classic classic version Nike "s Air Trainer II (2) can be regarded as a baseball / football sports star Jackson amphibious Bo · (Bo Jackson) inherited a new generation of classic shoes Nike Air Trainer name SC, Bo · shown in the photo; Jackson (Bo Jackson) the new version of the Oakland Raiders (Oakland Raiders) color, the shoe is black nubuck leather uppers, and silver foil, and hook echo in the bottom phase contrast, in addition, a black band across the midfoot reinforcement. The shoes will be on sale later this month and will be on sale at the NIKE franchised store. Clae Russell 09 fall series Air, Jordan, I (1) suits review last article: Clae Russell 09 fall series next article: Air Jordan I (1) set