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industry LVMH, the former US CEO, suggested that executives should stay away from US President Trump to protect the brand CNBC according to the latest news, U.S. President Barack Trump recently once again due to extreme remarks by setting up its attack, when he took office two business advisory group has been disbanded, has publicly expressed support for Trump's Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank was one of the first to leave the business executives of consultants. LVMH America CEO Mark Weber recently said in an interview, Trump dissolved the Advisory Group is upset, because the speech has seriously affected the business consultants where the group's performance, so the primary task of the major executives now is far from Trump to protect them on behalf of the brand. capital acquisitions passes U.S. investors interested in buying British apparel brand New Look $1 billion 200 million bond according to the latest news from the British media Retail Week, the two private equity funds in the United States, Anchorage Capital and HPS Investment Partners, are interested in acquiring the British apparel brand New Look worth $1 billion 200 million in bonds. British consumers are still cautious about spending on purchases, and New Look is actively developing the Chinese market, but it is still regarded as a high-risk brand by investors. According to statistics, as of the first quarter of June 24th, New Look after tax loss of 15 million 200 thousand pounds, sales fell 4.4% to 338 million pounds. Anders Kristiansen, the group's chief executive, said the difficulties were expected to stay until 2018, dragged down by the British market. announced a $300 million acquisition of Karl Lagerfeld Septwolves China district operating entity controlling stake in according to the announcement, the first step of the transaction is Septwolves through a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong invested 240 million yuan, equivalent to RMB $Karl Lagerfeld Greater China Holdings equity Limited 80.1% and the corresponding shareholder loans; the second step is the shareholders will be based on the requirements of the board of directors of KLGC, KLGC in the operation of the main subscription Gallagher (Shanghai) Trading Company (KLSH) shares the board of directors or other way, to provide 100 million yuan or the equivalent of $KLSH to increase the prop jordan 3 katrina 2018 ortionate share of their corresponding Septwolves, increase the amount of 80 million 100 thousand yuan or the equivalent of $. Septwolves investment totaling 320 million yuan or the equivalent in dollars, will own funds invested. HNA Group once again acquired the world's largest airport duty-free retailer Dufry stake to become the largest shareholder China diversified enterprise HNA Group and Swiss airport retailer Dufry AG issued a statement on Monday, saying: HNA 〉Just in APM Nike (a) after the gate mark asked the clerk have Lebron 9 Chinese version, he says No. 3 really sell a sun. (it wasn't only Nike BB.)every year, on the way to the championship, Lebron will not only lead the team out of the regular season, but also win sixteen playoff victories. And so it has been this season. The final is the stage to prove the strength, excellent players want to become great players, great players want to become legendary players, have to go through such experience. LeBron Soldier XI "Court General" pays tribute to those who are more committed to winning than to win, to break through themselves, and to carry forward their ideals. Click here for purchase. : Nike Flyknit Racer "Multicolor",, Nike, Racer, Macaroon, Pack, Flyknit, pistachio, blueberry, lavender and strawberry. This series will be landed at designated stores in May 19th.Mainland famous shoe brand Freeman has brought a full texture DELUXE TAYLOR horsehide shoes, it is worth noting that this is a collection of Freeman's latest technology. What is new technology, it is on the upper with no inside without sewing craft, so it looks a lot of shoe body to clear, only a few of the cable. This time on the thickness of 2mm material selection horsehide, leather oil seems high, it also makes full sense shiny shoes, long dress and pale shades of a natural texture. Insole is developed using Freeman comfort system, a foot down, clearly felt the soft pedal feel. The shoes have been on sale now and can be purchased through major retail outlets and the online store Freeman.0.jpg (88.08 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-20 09:53 upload this summer, has brought a series of irresistible tannins do note the shoes Adidas Originals especially for the fans of shoes. As a series of flagship shoes vamp with superior texture of denim, and cheap jordans the launch of several new models consists of two low cylinder Superstar, two Basket, and the long absence of Superstar CF and has a black and brown two color BJK Lo. 1.jpg (116.99 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-20 09:53 upload in addition to join build old effect BJK Lo, Superstar and Basket are also main shoes with traditional blue and gray two colors to choose from, the shoe body side three bar with shell head and tongue of the golden clover Logo classic, elegant, cleverly designed on the spirit of transplantation the type of shoes to cowboy pants. As for the Superstar CF launched earlier put on white clothes, with Velcro instead of lace design, three red and blue bars on top of the shoe body side striking, even if there is no denim body, but also a classic. 2.jpg (77.93 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-20 09:53 upload 3.jpg (98.96 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-20 09:53 upload 4.jpg (102.52 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-20 09:53 upload 5.jpg (95.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-20 09:53 upload 6.jpg (88.83 KB, download number: 0) download save to summer16.jpg (140.46 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-15 10:07 upload nike-zoom-kobe-v_ntd4500.jpg (57.63 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-15 10:07 upload kobee5bf83e99bbbe59c96e99e8be5ba95.jpg (111.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album recently, O'Neill and Scottie Pippen in social networking sites "tear forced wars", in Lakers history best lineup with bulls history best lineup who is more noisy bee. And Philadelphia local media on the subject, they believe that the best team in the history of the 76 team is the best team in the league. first came back to Martin O'Neill and Scottie Pippen debate focus, the former think by themselves, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Elgin Baylor, Kobe Bryant and "magician" Johnson composed of Lakers team history best lineup to victory over Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Rodman, Horace grant, and Ross bull history best lineup 50 points. Of course, Pippin is not convinced, the results of the two air war, trying to ridicule and sarcasm each other. See review: tear forced Wars: Shaquille O'neal VS Scott - Pippen of course, objectively speaking, O'neal said the Lakers strongest lineup of strength is slightly better than the Bulls strongest lineup. A data analysis of the site on the simulation of the 50000 Lakers and bulls of the duel, allowing the above mentioned two groups of players to play 48 minutes, the players will not be affected by the impact of fatigue. The Lakers winning percentage reached 64%. in O'neal and the Lakers supporters think time has won the Philadelphia media that refuses to accept, they think 76 people team is the strongest team history. Don't look at the 76 people in the past few seasons put rotten, but the team in history, but the emergence of many superstars, their best team history by Iverson, "Dr. J" Erwin, Barkley, Mose Malone and Chamberlain. Philadelphia media analysts believe that although the 76 players lack the true point guard, but Iverson and Dr. J have outstanding basketball skills, and the answer career field can send 6.2 assists. Therefore, there is reason to believe that Iverson can create enough opportunities for his teammates, and Dr. J will play the role of good point guard. Moreover, in the team, Iverson can play shooting guard, Dr. J can even hit number four, whether the Lakers can stop this bull, two score. 76 people frontcourt more terrorist, career Chamberlain averaged 22.8 rebounds, NBA 1st, Moses Malone career averaging 12.2 rebounds, the highest in the history of the 16th and Barkley, with an average of 11.6 rebounds row in the history of the 23. Three people together, 76 people will occupy the dominant rebounding in the game. NBA Chamberlain is the greatest striker, he had one game off 100 points. And Barkley can appear in the position of small forward, his stature is not high, but very agile, is one of the greatest frontcourt player in the NBA. As for Mose - Malone, he won 3 regular season MVP, have low scoring ability strong. Obviously, 76 people in front of the iron triangle is also unable to defend. just to make such a statement in the Philadelphia media, I believe that soon, the Boston media that they have something to say... ...get reloaded, the major application market search "ge〉[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] NBA officials announced the latest one rookie standings, Olympic (stores) rookie Andrew - Andrew Nicholson with the recent outstanding performance and excellent data, boarded the NBA rookie standings sixth . The 2012 draft of the 19th annual show, has repeatedly among the top 10 NBA rookie standings. And this year's All-Star Game in Detroit Pistons to replace the injured center Andrew - Drummond named O'Neill team, completed his first All-Star trip. Olympic signing players Andrew - Andrew Nicholson shining rookie season Pick Nicholson players into the starting lineup after the performance has been strong throughout February, he averaged 11.4 points with 5.2 rebounds. March, he is still doing well, three games, averaging 12.3 points. Nicholson is not a high percentage shooter, but he was very efficient, 53.8 percent shooting and 79.5 percent free throw percentage. Over the past three games, he has unbelievable 15 of 21 shots, such data allow him to remain in the rookie championship. In his rookie Andrew - Andrew Nicholson's outstanding performance, proves Peak signed NBA star unique vision. How to sign NBA players? What star sign? This fully tested sports brand long-term strategic planning. It also needs to have a professional team to research and operations, to each player for long-term tracking and analysis, according to the personal qualities of players, the competitive level and quality of other aspects, a measure of its development potential, with more substantial "cost" therewith signed oriented brand creation repaid many times over. signing players is a war game between sports brands, each brand for the contract to be strict and meticulous checks and screening, selected athletes in line with their brand positioning and image. Peak As a basketball as the main direction of the sports brand market operation, has been through the NBA's platform to promote their professional brand image. NBA players signing key to success over the years is the Olympic sport of basketball operations. Pick currently signed NBA star spokesperson has reached 21, they wore Olympic basketball equipment in the field of training and competition. Pick you also combine sport star characteristics and personality preferences, design superior performance basketball shoe to make sure it at all games have outstanding performance. Over the years, Peak products of professional quality and personalized design earned the unanimous recognition from the international market and become the best choice for many players, the team and the internationally renowned sports organizations. a lot of cooperation and the NBA China sports brand among famous star may reflect the current strength of the Chinese sports brand hardware has reached world-class standards, and has a keen insight and courage to shot of courage in the expansion of international markets. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)bright colors Nike launched a new Flyknit Racer running shoes in the last year, and with its fine design and by the praise, the brand will bring two new color design for this pair of shoes popular. The shoes continue the seamless design of integrated set, permeability, flexibility and support of the three important elements in a body, and the combination of high-tech dynamic fly line technology, can be adjusted according to the situation of the activities of running shoe fit, but also greatly reduce the weight of the shoe body. In addition, the unique Phylon midsole technology with Zoom air cushion design, more users with rapid dynamic feedback effect. And the two colors are Atomic Purple and Neo Turquoise, the former to purple and orange collocation contrast, and the latter is red and blue classic collocation show. / Nike Kobe lunar Kobe don't note 8 System "Year of the" Horse horse shoes don't note the red and blue rebirth / New Balance spring 2014 "Barbershop Pack" series to do note comments on A: Lunar Kobe / Nike Kobe 8 System do note the "Year of the" Horse horse shoes don't note a red and blue New / Balance rebirth "Barbershop Pack" 2014 spring and summer series don't note design inspiration comes mainly from the 6 generation of Kobe Kobe's nickname, the Black Mamba, the fierce and vicious snake. Today we bring you a new zoom Kobe 6 details map. The body of the shoe design like snakeskin will attract you? You may as well discuss it with us. mita sneakers x HECTIC x New Balance VANS 10th anniversary to commemorate the occupation player signature skateboard shoes comments on last article: Mita sneakers x HECTIC x New Balance 10th anniversary commemorative section next: VANS professional signature, skateboard shoes